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Girl Reporter

Sunday, October 3, 2010


A Desperate Obot Attempts To Short Circuit A Voting Machine

I have just spent a few days at an OBOT place, fighting with OBOTS. Some were mean and called me stupid, but I called them names right back, so it was fun for all of us, I think. A very nice person, Dr. Conspiracy runs the place, and I learned a lot from him about the OBOT mindset. I hope he learned something from me. Anyway, they poke fun at us BIRFERS, so I am poking fun right back at them. All in all, I kinda liked the people there and they each seem to have their own personalities. I hope you like this:


It was sheer disaster today when several very well known OBOTS discovered that Birthers can indeed vote in American elections. We here at KNUT AM Radio, reached several of them for comments at Bellview Psychology Hospital:

Dr. Bob “Noisewater” Ross: Who woulda ever thought it??? They can’t even SPELL words right! America is doomed. And 296 is not almost 300! Period. Quit trying to correct me!!

Misha: What? There is no “chic” among them! They can’t tell cats from dogs. They are all overweight and screech a whole lot! Why do they get a vote just like me???

Anotherbird: Elections? I didn’t even think we had elections anymore. What an antiquated idea. I thought we did everything in Court. We aren’t admissible here are we?

Ellid: Yeah, what she said!!!

Scientist: Well statistically speaking, we should not be here in this institution because there is only a 4% chance that we can be cured.

Futtheshuckup: Breeefruuuum fribbittttt drubbbbbllle.

Daniel: But they are just soooo STUPID! How can they even find the voting booths???

Dr. Conspiracy: Squeeky Fromm, Squeeky Fromm, why didn’t I listen to Squeeky Fromm????

We were able to reach a Miss Squeeky Fromm, a unknown Birther, who revealed:

Squeeky: Oh, yes Mr. Sanchez, I tried to tell them this. I just warned them over and over, even the grunty little malesbeasts, and they just wouldn’t listen. But I, and several other Birthers will help take care of them now. I will read poetry to them and fix them Squeeky’s Chicken Spinache, which I wrote an INTERNET ARTICLE about on my website.

Then, at night, Dr. Orly Taitz will come by and teach them all about American law. And pull teeth.

This is Rick Sanchez, signing off for KNUT AM Radio.

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Girl Reporter


  1. In English 'common law' the ORDINARY subjects (aka citizens in USA) were CALLED 'natural born subjects'.

    English 'natural born subjects' are the equivalent to US 14th Amendment 'citizens' (nothing to do with Article II 'natural born Citizen'

    The English 'natural born subjects' were NOT eligible for the highest office of England.

    The US 'natural born Citizen' IS eligible for highest office of USA.

    The highest office of England is sovereign, and the eligibility for highest office in England is due to the status of the parents (jus sanguinis)

    Similarly the in the constitutional republic of United States of America, founded on the US Constitution, it sets the CITIZENS as sovereign.

    Consistent with English 'common law', the USA draws those eligible for highest office from the sovereign 'Citizens', i.e.. Citizen parents.

  2. To Michael:

    Thank you for your opinion, but that just isn't what the law case says. Here is the sentence:

    "“Based upon the language of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents."

    Sooo, that is real simple. Can you go to just one law case and find one sentence that says what you say? Because if you can't then you are just wrong, and you have to stop saying this stuff because it is just setting the STUPID OBOTS up to beat our butts.

    If you want us Birthers to win, then you are just going to have to admit you are wrong and lets get back to basics. Pleeeasasee!

    Girl Reporter

  3. Michael's comment on natural born citizenship lacks any citation to back it up. This is likely because there are none. His ideas are totally at odds with any authoritative work of constitutional law and the various cases that have touched on the subject. For one, I cite Rawle's A View of the Constitution and the New York Chancery Court decision in Lynch v Clarke that explicitly states that the child of an alien born in the United States is eligible to be President. See also Indiana court of appeals Ankeny v Daniels dealing with Barack Obama specifically.