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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Baby Crocodile - A Squeeky Poem

Well, Their Mother's Think They're Cute!

 First, the sad story, then the poem.

" A STOWAWAY crocodile on a flight escaped from its carrier bag and sparked an onboard stampede that caused the flight to crash, killing 19 passengers and crew. The croc had been hidden in a passenger's sports bag - allegedly with plans to sell it - but it tore loose and ran amok, sparking panic. A stampede of terrified passengers caused the small aircraft to lose balance and tip over in mid-air during an internal flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The unbalanced load caused the aircraft, on a routine flight from the capital, Kinshasa, to the regional airport at Bandundu, to go into a spin and crash into a house. A lone survivor from the Let 410 plane told the astonishing tale to investigators. Ironically the crocodile also survived the crash but was later killed with a machete by rescuers sifting through the wreckage."

Just to keep things straight, in the airplane crash today, the poor little baby crocodile didn’t kill anybody. He was stolen from his home by people, and when he got loose, everybody JUST PANICKED and tipped the plane over into a house.

The little baby crocodile survived, then for some UNKNOWN STUPID REASON, the human beings just MURDERED HIM with a machete!!!! I guess nobody ever thought about how scared he was. Anyway, I wrote a poem so that everybody will remember the MURDER of this poor little innocent baby crocodile who never hurt anybody, so maybe this will never happen again!!!

The Baby Crocodile

Ripped from the waters of the River Nile.
They took the baby Crocodile.
They left his brothers there behind
To bask in the warm sunshine.

They stuffed him in a gunny sack
And threw him in the luggage rack.
There he lay, frightened and alone
Thinking only of his river home.

Until somebody had to sneak
A look inside to take a peek.
That is when he tumbled out,
Fell to the aisle, and ran about.

The people, they were scared and ran
This way and that without a plan.
They caused the plane to get lop-sided
With a house it then collided.

One person lived to tell the story.
The actions so retaliatory.
They found the little lost reptile,
Then they killed the Crocodile.

Girl Reporter

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  1. Didn't bother readin the poem.

    Did you hear CEL III is suing Orly and her husband? Why because they own a house worth more than all the money you will ever make in your life. I predict Orly will very soon have to retire from Birfistan-- all due to an evial manny-beast who drilled her inside and out!

    HST/On vacation in BKK