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Monday, August 23, 2010

New Horizons in Birtherism! (A White Paper from the Birther Think Tank)

A New Horizon
 New Horizons in Birtherism!

A White Paper from the Birther Think Tank

First of all, what is a “White Paper”? Isn’t all paper, except for construction paper, white? Actually, no. A white paper (or "whitepaper") “is an authoritative report or guide that is often oriented toward a particular issue or problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions, and are often requested and used in politics, policy, business, and technical fields." (Wiki)

Next, what is a “think tank”? A think tank “(or policy institute) is an organization or individual that conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as social policy, political strategy, economy, science or technology issues, industrial or business policies, or military advice.” (Wiki)

Now, that we all know what “White Papers” and “Think Tanks” are, we can begin. Historically, there are different kinds of Birthers

Some of are “Show Me The Long Form Birthers” or what I call “Common Sense Suspicious Birthers” (CSSBs). Others are “Natural Born Citizen Birthers” (NBCs) or what I humorously call “Vattle Birthers.” The NBC’s have been thoroughly discredited by me. I think most of them are OBOTs anyway, trying to mess with our minds.

Vattel Birthers Should Just STFU!!!

This just leaves the CSSBs, like me. But, we are in danger of extinction should Obama ever cough up his Long Form, or a bumpy Birth Certificate into public, and he really was born in Hawaii or Connecticut. To date, the last document Obama has released was on July 13, 2008 when he gave his alleged birth certificate to a group so they could put a PICTURE of it up on the Internet. Now if all Birtherism was ever about was just “getting Obama”, then we should just evaporate into the dustbin of history. But I think it was always about more than just that.

What we must seek to preserve, is the underlying DISTRUST OF GOVERNMENT which caused us to be Birthers in the first place. We just didn’t fall for some PICTURES on the Internet, or somebody we don’t know in Hawaii “swearing" that they had seen the “real thing.” This DISTRUST is a necessary DEFENSE MECHANISM for our country (America) to survive. There is a long tradition in this country (America) of our Presidents just lying to us like dogs! We even had a WOMAN President for over a year. For a brief history of these lies, see here:

A U.S. President Would Never Lie, Would He?

Soooo, the question is ‘How do we Birthers create that New Horizon?” Here is how: By changing the underlying question from “Where Was Obama Born?” to “Why Hasn’t Obama Coughed Up A Bumpy Birth Certificate or Long Form?” We become the “Questioners” instead of the "Birthers.”

By doing this, Obama will eventually have to give us proof, and we will know for sure where he was born. But the point will be ACCOUNTABILTY! That no president can just blow off a pretty large percentage of citizens. The desire for ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY lives on regardless of where he was born. Birtherism lives on, because it is now more about the GENERAL responsibility of government officials and less about the SPECIFIC failure of Obama to be open and transparent.

Plus, we make it a lot easier to fight the OBOTS. There really is no good reason for OBAMA not to have put this Birth Issue to rest a long time ago. There are only 4 possible reasons, I call KISS.

1. KENYA. He is born in Kenya.
2. IGNORANT. Obama is too ignorant to think of the simple answer.
3. SNOBBY. Obama thinks Americans are too stupid to believe the REAL THING!
4. SLIMY. Obama thinks it is OK to make some Americans look crazy if it gets him votes.

None of these four options are good Presidential virtues. Being Kenyan, is actually the nicest of them. By not focusing on the place of his birth as much, we are a lot free-er to make the OBOTS defend Obama, rather than us having to defend our suspicions.

Because think about it.

If the reason is number 2, IGNORANT, that is not good because who wants a STUPID president?

If the reason is number 3, SNOBBY, then what else is Obama not telling us because he thinks we are stupid? This means Obama doesn’t trust us. That is bad.

If the reason is number 4, SLIMY, then what else would Obama do to get political advantage? This means we can’t trust Obama. That is also bad.

I have noticed when you try to hold an OBOT’s feet to the fire on these points, they run like scalded dogs!

If we Birthers can change our focus to these issues, the question of “Why Hasn’t Obama Coughed Up Something?” then we will have A New Horizon in Birtherism!!! We stay relevant, no matter what. And if Obama, or the next President tries to dodge a question, we can be right back in the fight! And, if history is any guide, the next president, Republican or Democrat, will lie to us like dogs, too. America will always need QUESTIONERS!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Practical OBOT Fighting Tip #1:

Practical OBOT Fighting Tip #1:

Sooo, here’s one thing to ask when the OBOTS say that it wouldn’t make any difference if Obama just coughed up the LONG FORM, because we wouldn’t believe it anyway. Well first, that is like soooo INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!!! But we can’t say that to the OBOTS because that is how they have fun. That will just make them say it more!

Here is what you ask them instead: “Well, it couldn’t HURT Obama could it? I mean do you really believe that LESS people are going to vote for Obama because he proves is an American??? That is really twisted thinking.

Now, if you do it this way, you are putting the stupid thinker hat back on the OBOT’s head. DUH!!! Because that really is STUPID if you think about it. If Obama coughs up the long form, and it is real, the only down side for Obama is NOTHING! There isn’t one. Nobody is going to NOT vote for him because he is American. So why doesn’t he just do it?

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