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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Birther's Guide to Beating OBOTs - First Edition

A Birther's Guide to Beating OBOTs - First Edition - By Squeeky

Introduction: I have been fighting OBOTS for several months and am finally comfortable that I can beat them with logic, or at least not look too stupid, when I fight with them. So here is what I have learned and I will add to this and get a Second Edition out soon with more examples in it.

[Note: I originally wrote this Internet Article in September 2010. Rather than do a Second Edition, I have just added information to this one.]


Right now we are winning the War in the Court of Public Opinion. Approximately 25% of all voters believe that President Obama was NOT born in America. About 20% are unsure of where he was born.

We have not gotten there by being well organized, or even very smart, sometimes. The thing that has gotten us there is Obama’s refusal to release his Long Form Birth Certificate, comments by Michelle, and others, and social security number problems. Basically just good common sense that something must be up, or we would have seen Obama really deal with this.

While we are disorganized, the OBOTS are very well organized and you can find them at several websites just trashing Birthers all the time. They travel around the Internet in packs and assault us and call us bad names and just tease us to death for being stupid. They even have a special name for us, BIRFERS, like we can’t talk and pronounce words.

But, in spite of this, there are more of us every day. We are winning, so do we really want to beat them in Internet fights? If we do, we will make them smarter and they will have to evolve from OBOTS into a newer, stronger kind of super-bug.

I think we do want to fight them. It is about the truth and about holding an American president responsible to the American people, whether or not they like him, or he likes them. A REAL American president would not have sat around for two years and let this issue fester. So lets assume yes, we do want to JUST SKUNK the STUPID OBOTS!!!


OBOTS have a very high opinion of themselves. They think they are smarter than everybody else, and we are just TOTALLY STUPID. When you fight with them, they love to call you names and prove their superior logic. They will ridicule you. If you are not careful, they will lure you into a place where you are fighting on their territory, where they will have all the “answers” ready to pop you with. If you don’t know any better, you will be thinking to yourself, “Damn, they’re fast and smart!” Don’t! They are smart, but they have their weaknesses. You just have to know what they are. Don’t let yourself get scared or intimidated by their tactics. Remember, they share information with each other and a lot of what they have available is just cut and paste stuff. They really aren’t thinking faster than you. They are just better prepared.

HERE ARE THEIR STRENGTHS: They have some documents on their side. There is the Internet COLB. The statements by the Hawaii people. The two newspaper articles. That’s it. About four pieces of paper. They have good arguments, which I will discuss in more detail in Edition 2, but that’s all they have document wise. Four pieces of paper.

But, there are problems with those papers:

1. The Short Form COLB has no real significant verifiable information on it. It is NOT and never will be the ORIGINAL. It is just a printout of the latest information put into the Hawaiian files.

2. The two Birth Announcements DO NOT state WHERE Obama was born. They simply state WHEN Obama was born, and what his GRANDPARENTS’ address was. Obama could have been born in Las Vegas, while his parents were on vacation, and the same addresses would show.

3. Some Officials in Hawaii have stated that the COLB is genuine and the Original documents are on file. They may well be, but the best evidence, is the ORIGINAL documents themselves. What is the Big Deal about releasing the long form version of a document, when the short form version is supposedly already on the Internet???


FIRST, they are living in September 2008. Maybe early 2009. They don’t know what time it is. Obama released his alleged COLB in September 2008. It is now October 2010. That is over two years ago. Why is that important? Because that is the last time Obama himself really did anything about this issue. It has festered for over two years while Obama has done nothing but joke about it, like we are all crazy.

But ask yourself, if we are so crazy, why hasn’t Obama put out the fire on this issue? There are reasons good and bad, that I will discuss in detail in a later edition. The important thing right now is, that if it is so STUPID that we are suspicious, why haven’t they just stomped us out with more evidence? At the percentages above, there are millions and millions of Americans who are Birthers or at least not sure.

Some of the stuff OBOTS say are very sensible FOR SEPTEMBER 2008. Like maybe then it would have been crazy to doubt the COLB. But since it didn’t put the fire out, and it has been over two years with nothing, what would have been crazy in September 2008, is looking very reasonable in October 2010. If someone went to a stupid trial, with no evidence, would he wait over two years to cough up whatever he had to just to get out of the courtroom? Yes he would! Yet, it hasn’t happened here.

Now maybe Obama thinks us looking crazy helps him stay in power and he is just waiting to stomp us out. We have to be prepared for that. If he shows us real, good proof, then we need to be honest and good Americans and get off the Birther thing. At least we will have made him realize that he can’t just treat us like red-headed stepchildren.

SECOND WEAKNESS, is OBOTS live in Law Land. They think the answer to everything is a LEGAL ISSUE and a LEGAL ANSWER. Well it is, IF YOU ARE IN COURT. But we are not in court. We are in the real world. There is a difference.

In COURT, you might not want to produce evidence until you have to, for good legal reasons. In the REAL WORLD, you want to release information as soon as possible to keep the rumors from growing, like they have in the Birther issues.

In COURT, your lawyer might have good legal reasons to keep a defendant from testifying. And the law permits it. In the REAL WORLD, a president has to talk to Americans, or they will not trust him, like we have here.

THIRD WEAKNESS, is the first thing I said about them, quote:

“OBOTS have a very high opinion of themselves. They think they are smarter than everybody else, and we are just TOTALLY STUPID. When you fight with them, they love to call you names and prove their superior logic. They will ridicule you.”

This is a BIG WEAKNESS, because it means if you know what BIRTHER STRENGTHS are, and stick to them in your arguments, OBOTS get lost, and then they get mad, and then they start looking stupid. Their PRIDE, is a weakness.


Like OBOTS, Birthers have strengths and weakensses. There are different kinds of Birthers. Some of are “Show me the Long Form Birthers.” Some are “Natural Born Citizen Birthers.”


FIRST: Our biggest Birther weakness is trying to be “Natural Born Citizen” Birthers. This is either by believing all that Vattel stuff, or going the “British Citizenship” route. This is where more Birthers waste their time and is also PURE CRAP, than anywhere else. There are no THREE KINDS OF CITIZENS stuff. That is all BS!!!

The law is very clear. If Obama was born in Hawaii or Conneticut, then he is a Natural Born Citizen, PERIOD!!! End of story. Think about it. Does it really make any sense that some 300 year old French or Swiss guy, whatever, made the citizenship rules for America??? So what if George Washington checked out the stupid book. American courts have already ruled on what makes a “Natural Born Citizen.” (NBC). Vattel isn’t it. It’s just being born in America, and a few things for overseas Americans.

Same for the British Citizenship stuff. We beat the British and they don’t make our laws for us no more. Period. Americans make their own laws, and we decide who citizens are. PERIOD.

I will add something longer in the next edition with law in it. Plus, I think the OBOTS are behind a lot of this. I think they have set up the NBC law stuff to screw with us. It wastes our time and makes us look VERY STUPID!!!! If that stuff was law, dontcha think Hillary would be president.

Plus some Birthers look at this NBC as “Plan B.” Like if Obama really was born in America, then what do we do now??? This is like the Commies! We don’t need a Plan B. We just need Plan A, which is discover for once and all, the TRUTH about where Obama was born. If it was America, we have to obey the law and try to throw him out in 2012 in the election if we don’t like him. If we get away from just trying to find the TRUTH, then it means we are playing with FALSENESS, and that is just plain wrong. Plus God will get us for doing it. Sooo, we have to be prepared to get stomped on for the right reasons, and we have to prepare to win for the right reasons. It’s the American way.

SECOND WEAKNESS is our Birther Myths, like somebody proved the Internet copy of the COLB was a fraud. This is STUPID. You can’t prove a picture of a document on the Internet is phony, unless it is signed by Peter Rabbit or something. But, you also can’t prove its true, either. We need to dump our Birther Myths and stick to our strengths which are the basics. I will give more details on this later as I try to sort out some of our Birther myths.


FIRST, and Most Important is to be RIGHTEOUS in what we are after, which should be JUST THE TRUTH. If that is all we are after, we can’t lose. We might like the answer, or we might not like it, but if we get to the TRUTH, then we are winners. If we make the President stop treating us like we are crazy, or using us to make him look smarter, then we win, whether he was born in America or not.

SECOND STRENGTH is that there is a long history of presidents lying to us. I will add details to this but it has been going on since Woodrow Wilson at least and about bigger things than just a birth certificate. Historically, we would be stupid to not be very suspicious, and we need to lay this foundation when we are talking to Non-Birthers. This should be easier now that so many Big Businesses, Banks, and Lawyers are lying and forging documents about mortgages. It may be millons of mortgages in this country are foreclosed through forgeries and actual counterfeit Court Documents. So it is not a real big stretch to think a Birth Certificate could be forged.

This is the first thing we have to do. We have to set the stage where people can believe us, and not think we are JUST TOTALLY STUPID for being suspicious. All we have to do is give good true examples. (I already have this part ready to go!!!!)

THIRD STRENGTH is sticking to the basics, already mentioned. Don’t try to get clever. Don’t try so hard to prove a point in an argument that you make an idiot out of yourself. Lookit at the OBOT WEAKNESSES above, and these are our STRENGTHS in argument.


I will give examples of stuff to this as I go on. I just wanted to get something out in a hurry to organize us and our thoughts better so we can BEAT THE OBOTS WITH LOGIC!!!

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