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Girl Reporter

Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Deep Is Your Love ---Another Squeeky Poem

Just a Gigolo, Everywhere I go...
 Here is another REAL poem I wrote about grunty, little malebeasts.

How Deep Is Your Love

I wondered how deep your love.
No way to measure I could think of.
And with your soft caress,
No way that I could guess.
Tender words so warm and sweet?
A Masquerade for your deceit.
Now I know, in emptiness,
About six inches, more or less.


After I wrote this REAL poem, I wrote another one later last night. So rather than do a new post, I am just going to add it here because it is only 4 lines:

All Men

All men say they aren't the kind
To break your heart, and then you find
The words they spoke were very true-
It is your soul they take from you.

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