The Little Obot Who Cried "Racists!"

The Little Obot Who Cried “Racists!!!
(Based on a story by Aesop)

Once upon a time, there was a Little Obot, sitting alone on the side of a hill. His self esteem needed a boost. So he cried out in a very large voice, “Racists! Racists! The Racists aren’t voting for Obama!”

The other Obotski came charging up the hill, yelling “Racists!” “Racists!” at the top of their voices, too!  But when they arrived, they found no Racists. Just members of PUMA, who were sore about Hillary Clinton not getting the nomination. The other Obots left.  But, the Little Obot felt good about himself, and sooo important.

Later, the bored Little Obot yelled once more, “Racists!  Racists! The Racists are complaining about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize!!!”

Once again, the other Obotski came running to help,  screaming “Racists! Racists!” as they mobbed their way to the top of the hill. But when they arrived, they found no Racists. Just anti-war Liberals who were upset that Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize after escalating a war. The other Obots left. The Little Obot had a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.

The Feeling of Responsibility Is Decreased When One Is Part of a Group (Jung)
Later, after the sun went down, the Little Obot tried again. Loudly he roared   “Racists! Racists!  “The Racists are accusing Obama of extending the Bush Tax Cuts!!!”

The other Obotski came rushing up the hill, holding pitchforks and torches, yelling “Racists!” “Racists!” in harmony with the Little Obot.  But when they arrived, they discovered that it was only Democrats and Progressives, like themselves, who were upset about the Bush Tax Cut extension.  Thoroughly embarrassed, the other Obotski turned to go.

Now, at this point, the Little Obot, whose Adrenalin Rush was being under-stimulated by the patient understanding exhibited by the other Obotski, was confused. Sooo, he asked the other Obots, “Three times I have brought you up here yelling “Racists!”, and three times there weren’t any Racists. Are you not just a little bit peeved with me???”
Old Yeller Was The Epitome of Obot Patience
One of the Elder Obots, Old Yeller,  answered. “Of course not. All of us Obots holler “Racists!” every chance we get. At everything  that moves. We are hardly ever right, but “Hey, we’re Obots. It’s what we do!!!

And they all lived happily, if noisily, ever after.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter