So Simple, Even a Robo-Signer Can Do It!!!

Nobody Would Ever Forge or Counterfeit a Document – Would They ???

This is a real Birther-OBOT Internet Argument

BEGINNING OF ARGUMENT (I have cut out stuff to make it shorter, but I have not changed anything but two words.)

ANONYMOUS OBOT. NO. 1: It was Senator Obama himself whose campaign published that image. If it were a fake, one word from Hawaii, and Obama would have lost the election. Does anyone believe Obama could have been elected after it was uncovered that he had published a fake birth certificate (EVEN IF IT SHOWED HIM BORN IN HAWAII)? I would be insane to publish a copy of a forged document on the Internet with millions of enemies to dig into it.

Second, we have the fact that vital statistics fraud is a crime in Hawaii. We have the testimony of the head of vital statistics and the director of the department of health both stating that they viewed the original records.

SQUEEKY: Documents are just that and they can be faked all the time. Lookit the witness protection program where people just get a whole new life. like that!

But assume you are right for a minute. After all the stink started, where was Obama putting the stink down? Why didn’t Obama just sign a power of attorney for Hawaii to issue his Birth Certificate to whoever wanted it. That way Hawaii makes a lot of money off us Stupid Birthers for easy work. Nobody could do anything with it, they couldn’t do with the Internet copy, which is print it off and put a stamp on it. After two years. He could get a copy and take it to Megyn Kelly on Fox. Or Glenn Beck.Or Dr. Taitz. Or Mr. Apuzzo. He could have met them in Hawaii when he was on vacation. I think I have utter and complete suspiciousness.

(Note: The OBOTS GUESSED, nobody would sign a phony letter, so I Squeeky GUESSED them right back!)

SQUEEKY: Why Did They Not Prosecute Him for Forging an Hawaiian Birth Certificate If He, in Fact, Posted a Forged One Online?
They didn’t want to.
They were paid off.
They didn’t know it was slipped in,
They were afraid of losing government funds
They are just really bad people
They are stupid and didn’t think of it
They didn’t [know] any better
The Mafia threatened them
They are scared


So here’s the OBOT point. Nobody would do this stuff because they would go to jail. Where I could just KICK MYSELF, is when ANON. OBOT NO.1 said “I would be insane to publish a copy of a forged document on the Internet with millions of enemies to dig into it.”—I, Squeeky, should have said, “Millions of us are trying to dig into it and you are calling us all crazy and won’t let us near it!!!”

OHHH!, I could just kick myself for not thinking of that then, but that is why I study this stuff. Anyway, lookit this stuff here below, and you can see that people sign phony stuff all the time and nobody is going to jail right now. This Internet place here is where I go to try to understand Economy things, and right now I don’t understand 90% of it. But this person. Mr. Karl Denninger, writes it in plain, simple English, so I am beginning to get the picture.


No, it’s now GMAC/Ally, JP Morgan/Chase and now, Bank of America:— A Bank of America official acknowledges in a legal proceeding that she signed up to 8,000 foreclosure documents a month and typically didn’t read them.

In an absolutely stunning display that has apparently become endemic in our “foreclosure” process we now see what the banks are willing to do in order to get what they want – counterfeit court process!
(Note: Endemic: adjective widespread, common, sweeping, extensive, prevalent, rife, pervasive)

So anyway, that is the way OBOTS argue, and this is how you can argue back WITH LOGIC, and not look totally stupid. YES, people do forge and counterfeit stuff all the time including big banks, big businesses, and lawyers. So we are NOT CRAZY, to be suspicious. The OBOTS are crazy for NOT being suspicious.

But we have to understand something. Obama may be telling the truth and he may really be an American after all. Maybe he is just too stupid to release his Long Form. Whatever. So our goal has to be, DISCOVERING THE TRUTH, not just getting Obama. That way we can’t lose. But I think he’s a Kenyan!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter