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Friday, January 7, 2011

Birther 2.0, The new and Improved Birther

First, why is there ever a 2.0 anything??? Everybody who has bought computer stuff knows that the “1.0″ of anything always has a few bugs in it. Plus, when “1.0″ has been out for a while, the people who use it think of new stuff they would like it to do. And, ways to do the old stuff better. Birthers are no different. Just like anything, we can evolve over time to become better and more efficient at what we do. Just like consumer products, if we don’t evolve and improve, then we run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Just such a challenge faces us now. Birtherism, as a movement, began in response to questions about the eligibility of Obama to be a president. Was he born in America or Kenya? Did his dual citizenship prevent him from being eligible? So we asked the questions most Americans didn’t want to ask back in 2008. And at first, people thought we were crazy. But as time went on, and Obama refused to release anything beyond a short form birth certificate to a special group, the number of people having doubts grew and grew. In August 2010, a CNN poll showed 58% of Americans had some degree of doubt where Obama was born, ranging from those who definitely thought Obama was not born in the United States to those who thought he was probably born in the United states, but not definitely sure of it.

The legal questions have reached the end. The United States Supreme Court refused to hear the Kercher Case. This means that as a legal matter, the Vattel Birthers and British Citizen Birthers are out of luck. Most lawyers think that if Obama was born in the United States, then he is a Natural Born Citizen. Whether this is right or wrong is not the point. What it is, is just the law. That legal question went nowhere, and unless Congress takes it up, or changes the law, then it is just over.

Plus, as we enter 2011, there are indications that Obama is finally going to have to deal with the issue of where he was born. Neal Abercrombie, Go. of Hawaii says he intends to do something about the doubts. Chris Matthews is calling for the Long Form. And in the words of many talking heads, “grown ups” are headed to the White House to assist Obama in running the government. The upshot of all this is that probably, we will finally see the Long Form.

This is why we need to become a new and improved birther. . .Birther 2.0. Because what if the document is credible and indicates that Obama was born in Hawaii, or Connecticut? Does that mean all the questions are answered??? Both legal and where??? I think NO!

Because what was always beneath the surface of Birtherism is still alive and kicking. The “NBC Legal” Birthers wanted to see a positive allegiance to the United States. The “Where was he born?” Birthers wanted to be sure Obama was an American President, someone who understood the responsibilities of the office of the Presidency towards all citizens, not just his own supporters.

Here is where my questions about WHY tie in both sides of Birtherism. Because trying to understand WHY Obama failed to resolve this issue for 3 years goes right back to the underlying concerns of both types of Birthers. Assuming Obama was born in Amerca, asking WHY it has taken this long to resolve the questions reveals that Obama most likely DOES NOT have an allegiance to America, but to his own political fortunes. He was willing to sell out America, imprison military officers, and keep the country in turmoil for three years because he thought it would gain him votes. That is the probable reason for not coughing up a long form Birth Certificate for so long.

Again, assuming that Obama was born in America, the “Where was he born?” type Birthers may finally have their questions answered. The worst thing we can do is to refuse to believe the Long Form if it is credible, because that is one of the things the Obots are crowing about. That we are just too stupid to believe anything, so why cough anything up??? If the documentation is credible, then we need to evolve to “2.0″ and begin asking WHY??? Why did it take Obama so long to resolve this?

Asking WHY, does not mean that Obama has reached safe ground. Not by a long shot. I have been asking WHY for quite a while now, and I express the range of possible answers as KISS. As you can see, being born in Kenya is the nicest possible answer. The rest indicate that Obama has severe mental and psychological difficulties:

1. KENYA. He is born in Kenya.
2. IGNORANT. Obama is too ignorant to think of the simple answer.
3. SNOBBY. Obama thinks Americans are too stupid to believe the REAL THING!
4. SLIMY. Obama thinks it is OK to make some Americans look crazy if it gets him votes.

Those questions guarantee that the real problems with Obama come to light. And, there is NOTHING Obama can do to make those questions “obsolete.” Sorry, but his refusal to cough up the Long Form for 3 years can’t be undone. The fact that Obama “fiddled” while Col. Lakin went to prison, can’t be undone. The fact that Obama lets the taxpayer cough up Lakin’s cost of incarceration rather than cough up a long form, can’t be undone. Obama has put himself into the same position as a felon, who repents his crime only after he has been caught, found guilty, and is facing sentencing.

Changing our focus from WHERE and the NBC legal questions to WHY Obama hasn’t resolved this, guarantees that Obama will finally have to pay a price for his Machiavellian Chicago Thug Tactics. WHY, is the question he can’t duck and cover from. Asking WHY, means Birther 2.0 will be the best version ever!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


  1. There is a simple answer. Obama posted the birth certificate that Hawaii sent him, the only birth certificate that Hawaii has sent out since 2001. That being the only birth certificate that Hawaii sent him, it was the only birth certificate that he could post. That some birthers refused to believe this is a sign of their mental problems.

    Birthers must also recognize the fact that their belief have been fueled by frauds and liars, like the guy who went to Kenya and came back with a "Kenyan birth certificate"--that was promptly proven to be forged. The fact that the guy never proved that he went to Kenya and was a convicted felon (one of whose crimes was forgery) still did not make birthers disbelieve his claims.

  2. The Anonymous answer above is indeed simple, but ... wrong.

    The issue is not where exactly Obama was born, but rather what exactly he is trying so hard to hide.

    Sooner or later we shall all know the answer.

  3. Hey, Squeaks,

    We're new fans! Very well written and contain points we've been making for a while, so it's obvious that this is occurring to many people; Obama may be partially nuts if he is in fact eligible. He's acting like a basket case over his eligibility.

    Obama is going to have to show something in the states setting up new standards for getting on their state ballots: show the long form. This is going to get VERY interesting VERY quickly - and after 3 years of this annoying, infuriating puppy poop, it won't be before time.

    I see you showing up here and there and I really enjoy reading your posts. Well done! We'll be recommending your blog and reading often! This is good stuff.

    S & RD

  4. Oh thank you! I am sorry I don't check the comments sometimes and am slow approving them. I hope you can use this stuff!

    Plus, there is a good forum, too, called "gratewire" which is where a lot of people who used to be at Greta Van Susteran's Forum were before she closed it. It has only been open a month.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter